Choosing Breast Implant Size : Part 2 “If You See the C It’s a D”

The choice of breast implant size is one of the most fun parts of getting breast augmentation. However, it can be one of the most stressful parts for some women. Some patients are just excited and happy, completely enjoying the process. Others are too anxious and nervous, fretting constantly about getting the wrong size. This educational writing will help women with this important decision and increase their satisfaction with this big choice. Part 1 covers other ways and methods that I encourage my patients to do before augmentation. It is called “Do your homework.” This term homework emphasizes how you must put in a lot of effort to maximize the chance of getting the perfect size and result after surgery. The best location to do this work is in your home, not the doctor’s office. This allows you the time and the different clothes to try on with the Rice Test. I will review all your homework and results to closely assist and guide you in this important aspect of breast augmentation. Please review this educational writing, Part 1. You can link there now.

There are 3 educational writings on choosing implant sizes. Part 1 focuses on studying my video, before and after photos, and the Rice Test. This writing, part 2, focuses on additional methods to help you choose and pick just the correct size. It reviews methods that help you fine tune your decision. It will guide you to the best size for your body. Part 3 focuses on understanding small or tiny differences between implant sizes and other factors when choosing larger sizes. You can link to Part 3 now.

“If You See the C, It’s a D!”

I am going to teach you the trick to tell the difference between C and D cup breasts. C cup breasts have a different appearance than D cups. You will see this mainly at the top of the breasts. This is sometimes called the “upper pole” by plastic surgeons. At the top of the breast, we have different shapes and appearances that you must focus on. This is the critical place to look and examine when determining breast cup size. We can have sloped or more natural shapes. This is the shape typical of C cup sizes and smaller sizes. We also can have rounder and fuller shapes at the top of the breast. This is the shape seen with D cup breasts and larger sizes.

The expression I use to best understand this concept is “If you see the C, it’s a D!”
The round and circular shape at the top of the breast is the sign of larger sizes. It often can be seen more from the side or angled pictures after surgery. You will see this appearance and curved C shape, if you look for it.


It is important to also understand that this roundness comes about slowly and gradually. It’s not that a large C cup is natural, and a small D cup is not. Small C cups are almost always extremely natural. Large C cups have begun to get the roundness at the upper poles or the top of the breast. Even small D cups are predominantly natural, but they have begun the slow and steady roundness characteristic of the bigger D cup and DD cup sizes. Some patients like this shape and some don’t. This area is one of the things we focus on to pick the correct size. One patient told me, “Dr. Saunders, you just gave me the trick to figuring out breast size!”

When looking for your breast implant size, look at lots of before and after pictures. I have many on my web page in the photo gallery. Please remember this phrase to help you. “If you see the C, it’s a D!”

Show Me the Result and What You Like:

When doing your homework, you are studying pictures and my video. Your goal is to show me “the result” that you want after augmentation. Show me what you want to look like, and show me this consistently.


If you want to be a full C, then bring in pictures of women who you feel are this size. Try and be consistent. Don’t bring in Dolly Parton sized breasts mixed in with more natural breasts. Try and select the images that most consistently and repetitively show me your desired goals and end result.

It’s also helpful to bring in pics of people who are too small and/or too large for your goals. This can help me as well. It also shows me you understand what the different sizes and their shapes look like. You can also bring in pics of what you want to look like in a bra or a particular outfit. These pictures can be very helpful. They help me see what you want from surgery. They help me see what type of result you desire after enlargement.

If you bring in pictures of women in bras, I will ask you a question. Do you want to look like this picture with your bra on or your bra off? Bras typically increase breast size and appearance by pushing them up. Remember this point. Often, it is best to study pictures of patients wearing no bra. This will give me the better image of what result you want after your breast augmentation. But pics with bras on and others with no bra will best show me your desired goal of surgery.


Your Implants Will be Tailored for Your Size and Measurements:

When you are studying before and after pictures on the Internet. You will often see the actual size of the implant that the doctor used. It might say 400 cc next to the picture, and you like the result and shape. So it leads you to conclude that 400 cc is the size you want. However, there are many different variables that go into this decision, and your implant might have to be different from 400 cc.

Your height, weight, and measurements will be key features in picking this size. A woman who is 5′ 2″ and 110 pounds will have a smaller size implant to get a large C cup compared to a woman who is 5′ 11″ and 155 pounds. I measure your breast dimensions such as breast width and breast distances to more scientifically guide me in helping get you the best size implant. It’s important to remember that when you see pictures on the Internet and the size they have, your size might be different from that size. It will be tailored to fit you, your measurements, and your anatomy.

Be Relaxed:

I have one more important recommendation when doing your homework. Be relaxed! Patients who can not relax when they are choosing their size, create too much anxiety and ultimately make it more difficult for themselves.

This is very important. Relax. The best decisions are done when we are calm. Do your homework! My recommendation to relax does not mean don’t do your homework. Do a great job on the homework, and then review it with me. We will review all the factors that go into this decision and then make a wise choice. Being relaxed leads to better decisions and less anxiety for you.