Breast Reduction Procedure: Bringing Body Proportion Back!

The real reason why many women would choose to undergo breast reduction surgery is not usually because they have excessively huge breasts, rather because they feel that their breasts (or at least one of them) are out of proportion with the rest of the body. This does not even stop at just feeling the bodily disproportion, because these “large breasted women” would suffer from physical and emotional discomfort on a daily basis.

A breast reduction procedure ultimately addresses a woman’s burden and pain caused by trying to support and carry out-of-proportion breasts in her everyday life. Too heavy breasts bring about all sorts of pain: backache, headache, neck pain, shoulder pain, and chest discomfort. The extra large breasts may also negatively affect a woman’s self-esteem and body image: for instance, she may find it difficult to fit clothes.

Wilmington Plastic Surgeon Dr. Saunders performs breast reduction surgeries with precision and utmost consideration to the patient’s specific body shape and aesthetic goals. The experienced and well-published surgeon (check out the insightful and educational book “A Woman’s Guide to the ‘Real-Reality’ of Cosmetic Surgery”)  will be straightforward in explaining both the positive and negative aspects of the procedure.

Dr. Saunders will certainly lay down to you the “scar” factor and post-op steps. Ultimately, he will ensure that the surgery, should it push through, can actually contribute in improving your health, confidence and overall quality of life.

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