Breast Procedures in Chadds Ford PA & Wilmington DE

Breast Pocedures | Dr. Christopher SaundersBecoming informed, knowledgeable, and educated about procedures and choices is the first step towards a successful cosmetic operation.

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Breast Procedures:

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation results depend to a large part on what your breasts look like “before” surgery. Breast enlargement results frequently give women more attractive, fuller, bigger, and prettier breasts. The purpose of this educational writing is to help people understand some of the nuances or finer concepts of cosmetic breast surgery. I specialize in cosmetic breast surgery and plastic surgery of the breast. I work closely with patients to help them understand cosmetic operations. Patients from Media, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey and also distant states are encouraged to read this writing and other writings to learn about the surgery. Please also see the writing “Choosing Breast Implant Size in Delaware – Do Your Homework!.”


Breast Lift

Mastopexy is the medical term for a breast lift. A breast lift is a procedure designed to improve the appearance and shape of the breast. Breast lifting is typically done to reshape the breast and lift the nipple with little or minimal decrease in breast volume and size. Breast lift surgery is common for women after having children or women who have droopy breasts. The greatest issues to understand about breast lifting are the incisions or scars. You cannot have a lift through an armpit or with hidden incisions. These scars do fade, however, the incisions are important to understand when one is considering this surgery.


Breast Revision/Breast Redo

Breast revision, redo, or corrective surgery is designed to improve the shape and appearance of the breast when things aren’t correct or have changed with time. Cosmetic breast surgery has very high success rates and safety. However, sometimes things don’t heal well or turn out as planned. Also, with time the breasts can change and have problems that didn’t happen right after surgery. I specialize in this revision or corrective surgery and this page is an introduction to some of the important concepts to learn about.