Breast Augmentation Massage or Breast Enlargement Massage

What is breast augmentation or breast enlargement massage? What is this, and what does it have to do with cosmetic breast implants?

Breast augmentation massage is also called implant displacement. It is a series of maneuvers or techniques to move the implants around inside the body. The purpose is to help the breasts heal and soften after surgery and to minimize scarring in the future. This will be discussed in more detail below.

The first purpose of breast enlargement massage is to help the breasts heal and soften after cosmetic breast surgery. The tissue and muscle on top of the breast implants will be swollen and “tight” after surgery. This tissue will gradual soften and stretch over time. The swelling will also gradually resolve as part of breast augmentation recovery. Massage will help this stretching thru physical movement and range of motion of the implant. A Massage will also help with swelling by incresased lymphatic drainage.

The second purpose of breast augmentation massage after surgery is to help minimize scarring in the future. This is called capsular contracture or “hardening of the implants.” The idea is that breast augmentation massage after surgery will minimize this from occurring- like stretching will minimize stiff joints.

It has been shown in medical studies of breast augmentation that the implant placed beneath the muscle leads to lower levels of scar tissue formation. It is thought that the muscle might get “internally” massaged as the muscle contracts to decrease scar formation! Massage done by the patient is also believed to decrease this scar tissue from occurring.

Breast implant massage or breast implant massage exercises are recommended by me after cosmetic breast surgery. During breast augmentation recovery, you will be shown how this is done. It is a two step process. The first is “pushing” from the sides and the second is “pinching” from the top. Both parts are held for a minute or so and then repeated multiple times. The whole process of breast implant massage technique is repeated several times in the day. Please see my video on breast implant massage technique that shows exactly how the breast augmentation massage is done!

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People will ask, “How long should I do massage? When should I stop?” Breast massage is recommended to be done essentially forever! This might sound hard but it is not. Once the breasts have softened, massage can be simplified. Usually it is done just once a day for a minute or two. During a person’s daily shower is a good time this can be performed. It is maintained to minimize scar tissue formation.

Doing regular breast augmentation massage after surgery does not guarantee that a person will not get capsular contracture. It is done to decrease the chance!

If a patient has breast implants and a breast lift, the instructions for the breast augmentation massage technique might be different to allow for better healing. I will review this with you personally.

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