The Staged Advantage of Undergoing Body Lift

In the cosmetic surgery nomenclature, body lift or body contouring procedure means any of the plastic surgeries that are intended to enhance the body, breasts, abdomen, buttocks, and thigh. In other words, the surgery procedures not intended for the face area. But, for some practicing plastic surgeons like Dr. Christopher Saunders of Delaware, there is also such concept as Body Lift and Body Contouring procedures – which is actually a group or combination of surgical operations aimed to re-shape the body.

Primary Goal

There is no single, default combination for Body Lift, as each person may need a different set of body contouring procedures. Among others, these are the procedures that may comprise a Body Lift combo: breast lift, arm tuck, tummy tuck, buttock lift, back lift, and thigh lift surgery. Indeed, a Body Lift combo is performed to improve selected parts of the patient’s body, especially those that have developed extra skin, fat and tissue. The overarching goal then is to improve and enhance body areas having loose tissue and skin, as well as remove excess fat in those areas.

Usual Target

It can be argued that Body Lift Procedure is for a person with more than one body contouring issue. Many patients of this surgical combo are those experiencing bodily affects due to pregnancy, ageing, and poor skin elasticity. Most of the patients, however, are those that have undergone major weight loss but would find it difficult to eliminate excess skin and fat thru dieting and exercising.

Performed in Stages

Dr. Saunders’ Body Lift Delaware utilizes the latest techniques and advances in body contouring surgery procedures. Like in all his surgical operations, it is extremely important for Dr. Saunders to work closely with each patient and provide such patient with clear grasp on what the procedure is all about. After all, the Delaware Surgeon believes that good surgery means personalized surgery.

A Body Lift combo may be performed either in one single operation (at once) or by stages. In most cases, Dr. Saunders prefer performing Body Contouring by stages to increase chances for greater overall results and reduce potential complications (like infection and bleeding). Doing the procedures by stages will also provide the surgeon a substantial amount of time to observe more closely the progress of the “first stage”. (Dr. Saunders would normally suggest to performing the worst body contour problems as part of the first stage.)

Upon consultation, Dr. Saunders will explain in more details the surgical benefits and limitations, including the recovery aspect of a Body Lift combination.

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