360° Liposculpting, Lipo 360° or Circumferential Liposuction

By targeting fat removal in a three dimensional method, patients can achieve a more defined and enhanced result with liposuction. Traditional liposuction techniques focus on one area. By considering fat anatomy circumferentially and in multiple planes or layers, an improved shape and appearance can be created. This type of liposuction done completely around the body is called 360° degrees, circumferential, or Lipo 360°. This advanced technique targeting fat all around the body can give results with extremely high satisfaction. This surgical method considers the transitions between adjoining areas of fat. By viewing the body circumferentially, you can achieve more attractive shapes and results. This advanced technique is used by me regularly. Classic operative cases or situations will be described to highlight the benefits. Other important features of Lipo 360° will be reviewed in this educational writing. It was written by me at the request of a patient from Media, PA.



Technique :


Lipo 360° techniques use liposculpture and tumescence. These are considered the GOLD STANDARD for removing excess and unwanted fat. The sculpturing focuses on using small cannulas to remove the fat in a smooth and precise manner. The tumescent technology leads to less bleeding, bruising, and quicker recovery. These techniques are used by me for all my liposuction operations. The 360° Lipo involves using the same technology but in adjacent and/or adjoining areas. The three dimensional sculpturing gives an enhanced transition and improved results to the body’s shape and appearance. Additional information on key liposculpting techniques can be reviewed in another educational writing I have written. You can link there now.



When is it Used ?


If you are considering liposuction or liposculpture, you should understand 360° liposuction. Liposuction of the abdomen or stomach is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic operations in America each year. This is reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgery. This operation targets excess and unwanted fat from the stomach area. But the fat doesn’t just stop at the stomach. Classically, it is also present in the love handle area, called the flank, or the side areas. The fat is typically continuous between these areas. This means it doesn’t just stop and then start in the next location. The fat is steady and uniform between the locations. The love handle fat works its way around to the back- both above the buttock and higher to the “bra roll” fat. So liposuction of this area done 360° or circumferentially basically means the fat is removed in a complete circle around your body, targeting all the contiguous and unwanted fat.


If a patient wants just stomach liposuction, then it is possible to just hit this one area with the liposculpture. However, I will review the adjacent fat pockets. If they want to target these areas as well, the results can be more defined, thinner, and more attractive. But I don’t push this on someone if they don’t want to do other areas of fat. Some patients like a more simple procedure, and this keeps expenses down. If they want just one area done, then the same advanced liposuction techniques can be done to just one area.


360° liposuction is a major part of most of my BBL operations. BBL means Brazilian Butt Lift. Lipo 360° is an essential part of this operation. The removal of fat from the lower back and love handle creates a swoop or gentle curve from the back to the buttock. It gives a fantastic reshaping of this area. I believe it’s THE KEY method or surgical technique for the best BBL results. It’s critical to reshape the buttock area by making the love handle and lower back areas flatter and then making the buttock bigger with the transfer. You do not need to get a huge or really big buttock. Many choose to have just a better shape and enhanced appearance, without going too big. This is discussed with you in detail during your consultation. You can choose the size that is best for you.



With a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty, liposuction is part of the operation to sculpture the body giving enhance results. I believe it is the sculpting of the love handle, flank or side area that really gives improved shaping. It is the circumferential removal of excess fat from the transition areas adjacent to the stomach that helps with enhanced and better results and appearance.



Recovery :


Recovery from 360 liposuction is classically relatively easy, in my opinion. You are provided a compression garment or girdle to wear after surgery. Expect some bloody drainage for a couple of days. Some patients will have more drainage than others, and some will have less. This is not a factor in the result, so don’t worry. You can shower after two days. The gauze typically does not have to be replaced, but it can be if one area is still draining a bit. You can wash and dry your compression garment during your shower. Activity should be light for the first 10 days. This means mainly walking. After this time period, you can resume full activity and exercises if you feel well. Go slow and take it easy for a while. This is a general rule of thumb after this operation and all cosmetic procedures.



Results :


Most patients will be happy with their results. Circumferential liposuction leads to a better reshaping and enhanced look. The advanced techniques lead to a better result and improved outcome. Like all cosmetic operations, however, we need to have REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS. The operations improve us and make us thinner. They don’t make us a movie star or an Instagram model. Understanding this concept and having realistic expectations is essential for all cosmetic operations including Lipo 360°.

Summary :

360 degree or circumferential liposuction is a technique emphasizing the removal of fat from the body in a complete circle. It targets all the excess and unwanted fat in transition areas that go completely around the body. It hits the areas that sometimes are missed by doctors who do not do this method or focus on it. The classic areas that are improved are the abdomen, love handle, and posterior or lower back to get better shape and improved appearance. Recovery typically is relatively easy with quick return to work and activities. Results and satisfaction tend to be very high.