Delaware Cosmetic Procedures

These pages below have detailed descriptions of many cosmetic procedures performed by Dr. Saunders. They are an excellent informative source of information for patients who want to learn more about these procedures. Learning more about cosmetic surgery is a significant step in preparation for surgery.

Becoming informed, knowledgeable, and educated about the operations and choices is the first step towards a successful cosmetic operation.

The Educational Writings / Blog section in the menu tab is a substantial source of information on multiple cosmetic topics. This section provides additional educational material on many exciting aspects of plastic surgery. The educational writings cover many cosmetic surgery topics in an extremely interesting, in depth, and informative manner. Please check out this section and also Dr. Saunders’ book in the menu tab, for those interested in more a complex review on these topics.

Also, please go to the video section to see interesting videos on facelifts, choosing breast implant size and other topics.

Facial Procedures

Breast Procedures

Please take a look at Dr. Saunders’ video on choosing breast implant size

Body Procedures