Postoperative Pain Medications and Side Effects : Understand the “Seesaw” for Better Cosmetic Surgery Recovery – Dover, De

After cosmetic surgical procedures, pain medications can be difficult to tolerate and important advise can help recovery. After many plastic surgery operations like tummy tuck, breast enlargement, and liposuction – pain pills are necessary for comfort and to help with recovery. Often this means taking a narcotic pain pill. Some of the most common narcotic pills prescribed are Percocet, Vicodin, and Tylenol with Codeine. The “seesaw” is a visual aid to understand the benefits and side effects of narcotic pills. A patient from Dover, De asked me to review the concepts that are described in detail below.

There is a critical difference between allergies and side effects. Everyone needs to understand this difference. Allergies are not common with pain pills. Allergies cause problems such as swelling and breathing problems. This can be serious, and the medication should be stopped immediately. This is a true allergic reaction like a bee sting reaction.

Side effects of pain pills, in contrast to true allergies, are extremely common. The most commen side effects are nausea and vomiting, itching, constipation, and generalized malaise (feeling poorly). Sides effects in general are not dangerous but need to be managed to minimize the problem.

After a tummy tuck for example, narcotic pain pills can be necessary to help with the pain. A patient will take pain pills to help with the discomfort of the operation. The patient might unfortunately have to suffer thru the side effects. So a key question is: which is worse- the pain or the side effect? Like a “seesaw,” one side might be higher or worse than the other. For example, if pain is really “bad,” than take the pain pills and try and tolerate the side effects. In contrast, if the pain is not that bad, and side effects are horrible, than stop taking the pain pills to lessen the side effects. Think of it like a seesaw. Which end is up – pain or the side effects. How you respond depends on which is worse.

Nausea and Vomiting:

Try taking the pain medication with food. This makes a huge difference. It might be counter intuitive, as with many flu symptoms, keeping the stomach empty helps with vomiting. But with pain pills, food in the stomach makes a tremendous difference. If you can get food down first, it will really help the patient tolerate the pills.


This is because the narcotic causes a mast cell release. This leads to the itching. Benedryl can be used to help with this side effect. The benedryl pills can also help with sleep, so you can use this to your advantage before nighttime. Benadryl and Hydrocortisone creams can also be used to help with itching and your plastic surgery recovery.


Pain pills cause constipation by slowing bowel motility. Typical recommendations for constipation is the use of Colace. This helps costipation because it decreases hard bowel movements. However, the better choice is Milk of Magnesia. Take one tablespoon twice a day. This increases bowel motility and should do the trick for most. I also do not mind coffee and prune juice or other natural laxatives, if desired. Enemas (such as Fleets Enema) can be used for those who don’t mind them or for those who need extra help to get the bowels moving.

A final critical piece of information. STOP the medication that’s causing the problem. It’s the pain medicine! So if the side effect of constipation is the problem. Stop the pain pills to get the best result. If pain is still an issue, try and back off the narcotic pills to lessen the constipation and use Tylenol or Motrin instead.

Generalized Malaise:

This is the doctor term for feeling poorly. It’s interesting that pain pills are used by some drug addicts for abuse to feel better. However, for many people the effect is the opposite. This side effect is feeling really poorly and overall bad. It’s called malaise. If you are feeling this way after surgery, try and get off the pain pills. You will probably slowly start to feel better. It will aid your cosmetic surgery recovery

Managing Pain after Cosmetic Surgery and Dealing with the Side Effects – The Seesaw!

I will recommend to patients to think of pain and side effects like a seesaw. Which is worse? Is the pain worse from the surgery? Or are the side effects worse from the medication. If the pain is worse, than you have to deal with the side effects. If the side effects are worse, than you can stop the pain pills and the effects will resolve or go slowly away.

Don’t under estimate how well Tylenol and Motrin work to elevate and reduce pain. These medications don’t cause nausea and vomiting.

I am a board certified plastic surgeon who practices exclusively cosmetic surgery. Please come in for a complimentary consultation. Details of your cosmetic procedure and your surgical plan will be discussed completely. I hope this writing helps with your recovery from cosmetic surgery.

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Recovery from Breast Enlargement or Breast Augmentation: Dover, Delaware

This educational writing reviews normal recovery, timeline, and tips to heal well after breast augmentation or enlargement. Recovering from breast surgery can actually be easy! It is important to have realistic expectations about your surgery and your recovery. This means understanding  what to expect after your operation. A patient from Dover, Delaware who had recent breast implants by me asked for this writing. Please also see my educational writing on understanding breast implant results- “A Bigger You.

I try to give patients a thorough and complete description of what to expect after their augmentation surgery. I review the entire process, and this begins with the day of surgery. Surgery for breast implants takes about an hour to an hour and a half. Pre-operative instructions covering showering, not eating or drinking after midnight, and other important rules should be read before the day of surgery. Please read them more than once.

The Day of Surgery:

Patients are asked to show up an hour before surgery at the surgery center. The surgery center is an extremely clean and state licensed center with all of the latest safety features. During the first hour you will meet your nurse and anesthesia provider. You will also have a chance to review important questions and issues with me before the operation begins.

After about an hour, you will be taken to the dressing room to get changed into a gown. Breast implant patients can leave their underwear and pants on. This provides comfort and warmth, as completely undressing for breast enlargement is unnecessary. After the dressing room, you will go to the operating room. At this time an IV is placed. I will also take confidential pictures and make surgical marks for the operation. You will then gently drift off to sleep for surgery. This is painless and easy.

“Surgery is an art!”

I won’t rush your operation – nor another patient. Please be patient. Surgery for breast implants takes about an hour to an hour and a half. Most patients show up early for surgery. So it is important for the patient and family to understand there might be waiting on the day of surgery. Please be patient during your stay on the day of surgery. Most woman should plan on about half the day at the surgery center. Please realize there is variability in the schedule. This means it might be later than you think! Plan appropriately with babysitters, rides, and other accommodations at home, so no one gets disappointed.

The First 3 Days After Surgery:

The first three days after surgery are some of the most important days. The main goal during this period is to be comfortable and to take it easy. I use a post-operative “Pain-Buster” to help with a woman’s discomfort after her breast implants. This is a device that delivers lidocaine under the muscle to dramatically reduce post-operative pain. It lasts three days, which usually is long enough to get over the worst pain period shortly after surgery. The lidocaine is a non-narcotic, so it is extremely safe and doesn’t cause nausea and vomiting.

Physical activity is to be minimized during this period. Most woman rest at home and mainly are relaxing or watching TV. I believe it helps a woman to heal well by taking it easy and allowing bruising and swelling to diminish. Showering is allowed after 72 hours. The woman is then instructed to wear a sports bra. Avoid underwires or sports bras with built in cups.

Days 4-7 After Surgery:

During this period you can gradually return to most normal activities. This includes driving when you are comfortable to drive defensively and to be responsible for your own actions driving. You can also resume most cooking, cleaning, and household responsibilities.

Days  7-14 After Surgery:

Now activity can be increased even further. Stationary bicycles and tread mills are allowed. No running yet, however. Ellipticals are ok as well,  but don’t use the arms.

Upper body exercises and more strenuous activity should be delayed.

At this time, the breast massage exercises should be emphasized and performed properly. Please see my video on my web page that outlines and demonstrates clearly these activities.

Days 15- 28 After Surgery:

Essentially the same as day 7-14 but with increasingly hard workouts. Be wise. Don’t push to hard yet. Remember there is a lot of internal healing going on. Slow and steady wins the race. Woman who are aggressive in workouts should be cautious and wise not to overdo it too soon and cause injury.

After One Month:

All activities are allowed. I recommend really supporting the breasts during upper body activities such as weights. Even using two bras for hard workouts is recommended. This might minimize the muscle excessively pushing on the implants and might prevent pocket stretching.

All bras are allowed.

Continue with massage exercises.

Discuss scar treatments to help with fading of the scar.

I am a board certified plastic surgeon who practices exclusively cosmetic surgery.  Please come in for a complimentary consultation. Details of your cosmetic procedure and your surgical plan will be discussed completely. I hope this writing helped with breast augmentation and recovery timeline and tips.

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Breast Implants and Breast Shape – Differences Lying Down Versus Standing Up: Media, Delaware Valley PA

This educational writing reviews how breast augmentation can lead to differences in breast shape when a woman is standing up versus lying down. By understanding how the shape may vary, it gives us a better understanding of the results of breast enhancement. The change in breast implants with position does not always imply that something is wrong. Most of the time this is normal. Unattractive shapes can sometimes require surgery. Patients from Media and Delaware Valley PA prompted this educational writing.

1 – What do we want from implants or what is the goal of breast surgery?

Honestly, we want our breasts to be perfect! We want them to look great in the standing position and to be natural. This means the breast implant sits in the correct location on the chest. Also, the nipple is naturally located on the breast mound. Finally, the implant is not visible with rippling or edges.

We want this shape in the standing position, but we want the breasts to stay this way in the lying down position. Interestingly, this is not what natural breasts do without implants. Natural breasts tend to flatten out and drop to the side when lying down. This is “not” want we want after augmentation surgery. We want them to be perky and full in both positions. We want our breasts to be full and natural standing; and when we lie down, we want them to stay that way and not flatten like real breasts.

2 – What is the normal result from the breast surgery when lying down?

Most patients will be very happy with the result of their breast enhancement. They will be happy with the shape of the breast in both positions. The breasts will be perky standing, and they also retain a natural look lying down. The implants should stay in the center of the chest and not flop to the side or move up. The breast should retain a lot of its fullness and not flatten too much when lying down.

3 – Do medical studies help study these breast shapes?

An extremely good medical study was done to study the appearance of the breast and implants in different positions. These positions included standing and lying down. The implants were round versus tear dropped or anatomic implants. The study involved placing metal beads at the edges of the implant. These little pieces of metal could be seen on X-rays. This allowed us to see what the implant looked like inside when the woman moved into different positions.

The results showed that when the woman was standing up the cosmetic appearance between round implants versus anatomical or tear dropped implants was exactly the same. The interesting finding, however, was when the woman was lying down. In this position, the shape was better and more natural for round implants. Also, the shape was more abnormal for anatomical ones.

Of interest too, the tear dropped implants had double the rate of rippling and palpability as compared to round implants. This was believed to be due to the textured surface of the implant. Anatomical breast implants need textured surfaces to stop rotation or spinning of the implant. The textured surface led to a doubling of rippling and feeling of the edge of the implants.

The study concluded that round breast implants gave the most attractive breast shape with lower rates of complications. Both implants gave natural results when standing. When lying down, anatomic or tear-dropped implants gave unnatural results.

4 – What can go wrong?

When breast shape is not correct, surgery can be necessary. This includes suturing the pocket to reposition the implants. This can be called a capsulorrhaphy. The results can make dramatic improvements in the shape of the implants. Success is not perfect however. Re-operations can be necessary, and a patient must understand this can happen.

I am a board certified plastic surgeon who practices exclusively cosmetic surgery. Please come in for a complimentary consultation. Details of your cosmetic procedure and your surgical plan will be discussed completely.

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Find Your Most Comfortable Less Invasive SkinCare Rejuvenation

The significant rise (6 %) in the total number of operations performed in a year for minimally invasive cosmetic procedures is an indication of the people’s growing preference for less invasive options. In the same data released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) for year 2012, surgical procedures actually decreased (2 %) in total patronage.

When it comes to skin care rejuvenation, it is understandable if you prefer minimally invasive over the more invasive surgery options since the former choices offer, generally speaking, lesser risk and hassle. You don’t want to gamble too much especially if it involves your facial skin, would you?

Furthermore, less invasive skincare rejuvenation procedures usually involve less pain and scarring and reduced health care costs. You also won’t have to skip work and social gatherings for long, as the less invasive route translate to a much quicker recovery on your part.

Three Modalities

Known for its comprehensive skincare program, Dr. Christopher Saunders’ Delaware Med Spa offers various procedures and treatments intended mainly for facial skin rejuvenation. These multiple procedures and treatments are grouped together into so-called modalities.

The primary modalities are Chemical, Mechanical, and Laser treatments. Chemical modality includes facials and peels which are typically chemicals being applied to the face and take effect through the coagulative process. Mechanical modality utilizes gentle mechanical medium, such as derma-planing and micro dermabrasion. Lastly, the Laser modality helps with collagen generation and blood vessel ablation by targeting the deeper tissues of the skin through the use of a special light application.


Depending on each patient’s skin care condition and needs, a procedure belonging to any modality may be performed as a stand-alone operation. In other cases, a comprehensive skincare program may include some or all three modalities adjusted specifically to each patient’s rejuvenation goal. When combined to maximize skin rejuvenation, cosmetic procedures from varied modalities are designed to work synergistically. Upon consultation, share your true concerns and aesthetic desires to Dr. Saunders so that the latter can come up with the most suitable and comfortable rejuvenation plan for you.

Dr. Saunders performs cosmetic procedures at both of the two med spa offices at Wilmington, DE and the Chadds Ford, PA.  He is a board-certified plastic surgeon with proven expertise in facial skin rejuvenation procedures.

Be more informed about these minimally invasive treatments by scheduling now a consultation with Dr. Saunders. To do so, please contact us at (302) 652-3331 or through this Email Contact Form.

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How to Completely Prepare for Delaware Facelift Surgery

Rhytidectomy or facelift surgery is a serious and major cosmetic procedure. After all, if done well by a skilled plastic surgeon, the procedure can dramatically improve the appearance of your ageing or sagging cheeks, jowls, jaw line, and neck area. Designed primarily to elevate and reposition the drooping facial tissue to a higher and youthful position, rhytidectomy can help you achieve a more rejuvenated, younger looking appearance.

Since preparation is a big chunk to the success of most human endeavors, it is essential that you know what to do – before, during and after the surgery operation day. That said, while a complete preparation plan should be in handy, you should keep your composure throughout the whole process of facelift operation so that you can do the right things as planned instead of unnecessarily pressing the panic button and compromise the success of surgery.

Surgeon Communication

Perhaps the most crucial to overall success of facelift surgery is the quality of communication with your chosen plastic surgeon. You must be able to communicate your specific aesthetic goal and your surgeon should come up with a realistic surgery plan to achieve your objective.

During consultation and pre-op stages, there must be a thorough discussion regarding the benefits, risks, and even post-op care for your intended procedure. Furthermore, you should be made aware of the particular surgery technique that would be utilized by your surgeon, especially with respect to incision location and anesthetics. As much as your surgeon should be straightforward in exchanging surgery details with you, you must also be honest and open with respect to your medical condition and lifestyle status that could possible compromise the outcome.

In all this, it is corollary that you should pick a plastic surgeon with proven skills and expertise on facelift surgery.

Delaware Surgeon

Dr. Christopher Saunders is a Delaware-based plastic surgeon with impressive track record in rhytidectomy procedures. Before recommending any Delaware facelift surgery, he puts emphasis on careful and thought out pre-operative evaluation and discussion of goals. He would lay down the details in terms of the pre-op and recovery steps that you are expected to undertake.

Among other things, the board-certified plastic surgeon would ask you to stop for some weeks the taking of medications that can affect bleeding and clotting. Dr. Saunders would also clarify if you are absolutely willing and capable to follow the post-op steps that could lead you to faster recovery and healing. Moreover, he would see to it that you have set your sights realistically when it comes to the total results. Otherwise, there is no point to proceed with the face lift surgery.

If interested with this procedure, schedule now a personal consult with Dr. Saunders. You may do so by contacting our office at (302) 652-3331 or via this Online Reservation Form.

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Dr. Saunders: Respected Male Cosmetic Surgeon in Delaware

The latest industry data (for year 2012) released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reveal a lot of things, including the general growth of the cosmetic surgery industry as well as particular increase in the preference for minimally invasive treatments.

There is also a revelation of the continued increase among men that are trying out various types of cosmetic treatments. The latter is not at all a bizarre phenomenon, but rather the statistics have only confirmed the growing reality that more and more men are embracing the fact that they may also choose to improve their aesthetic conditions – and be more open about it this time around.

It is not about being discontented with one’s physical attributes. But rather, it is a welcome manifestation that a man may take care enough about his body contour and facial skin quality for the sake of his self satisfaction and improvement of his confidence. After all, there are safe and effective treatments available that he may now choose from.

Specifically, male patients today may opt to have liposuction, facial rejuvenation, among other cosmetic operations. Indeed, there is nothing wrong with men seeking to achieve thinner, flatter, and younger appearance. Furthermore, they can already benefit from cosmetic wellness choices that may somehow turn the clock back and remove some of the wanted excesses from their body like the dreaded stubborn fat and facial wrinkles.

In Delaware, the name Dr. Christopher Saunders is highly regarded in topnotch male surgery procedures from nose surgery operation to male breast reduction surgery. The years of practice and thousands of male surgery operations successfully performed by Dr. Saunders cannot be denied.

Experience and skills aside, his practice secret may lie from the fact that, right from consultation period, Dr. Saunders would encourage each patient to be really comfortable with what’s ahead. He engages them in a forthright yet confidential consultation process. The respected male cosmetic surgeon will solicit from patients the true cosmetic improvement that each patient desires, at the same time ensuring that a workable or realistic surgical plan is created from those desires. Perhaps the rub then when it comes to his practice is that he is realistic with his dealings and actual surgical outcome. The Board Certified plastic surgeon also puts premium on the use of innovative surgical techniques and utmost safety of his patient.

To know more about any of these male surgery procedures, please schedule now a consultation with Dr. Saunders thru this Email Contact Form or via (302) 652-3331.

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Real-Reality of Dr. Saunders’ Liposuction Surgery Delaware

Based alone on successful surgeries performed over the years, Dr. Saunders’ competence can no longer be doubted. Aside from being a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, he performs surgeries with precision and artist level orientation so that his patients achieve maximum satisfaction after the procedure day is over. Dr. Christopher Saunders of Wilmington, DE, happens to be a straightforward surgeon as well, especially in discussing options with his patients regarding body contouring operations like liposuction.

In his well-received book “A Woman’s Guide to the ‘Real-Reality’ of Cosmetic Surgery”, Dr. Saunders underscores the importance for a patient to be educated with lipoplasty options. Generally, a liposuction surgery is intended to remove excess and stubborn body fat deposits, such as in the stomach, neck, legs, love handles, and thighs. So while liposuction is an impressive procedure, there are things it cannot do. Foremost, lipoplasty should not be first option to remove body fat: it should only be resorted to when diet and exercise do not work anymore. Your first course should be of the most natural way: sweating it out in combination with observing balanced nutrition.

Liposuction Surgery Delaware is helpful in making your fatty body areas flatter and in creating a more desirable contour, but the procedure cannot work to tighten loose skin or muscles. If you have stretch marks before liposuction, you are most likely to retain such marks after liposuction. Hence, Dr. Saunders will evaluate you, upon consultation, on an individual basis. If necessary, he will recommend for skin removal or muscle tightening procedures to be incorporated with lipoplasty. The Delaware Plastic Surgeon will see to it that you are given choices, and made aware of procedures that can give you a much better result and a more sculpted appearance.

Moreover, Dr. Saunders will explain to you that there are different lipo techniques to remove body fat – and that one technique may be ideal for your particular body contour, but it’s not necessarily the same case for other people. You will be educated, furthermore, on several other aspects of lipoplasty, such as pre-op instructions and post-op recovery steps.

If interested with this procedure, schedule now a personal consult with Dr. Saunders. You may do so by contacting our office at (302) 652-3331 or via this Online Reservation Form.

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Realistic Tummy Tuck Recovery: Essential to Successful Outcome

Once you decide to undergo an abdominoplasty surgery or tummy tuck, do not think that the procedure already ends during the day of operation. Instead, keep in mind that the total outcome of your tummy tuck will depend upon the quality of your post-operative care and the recovery steps that you follow.

Indeed, it is not just about removing excess skin and fat around your waist or reducing stretch marks, you must give time as well for your surgical scar to fully heal and your body to recover after the surgery. For this reason, you have to discuss well with your surgeon regarding the details and specific steps to recovery.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Christopher Saunders believes that the best recovery begins with excellent yet realistic postoperative care. Aside from being a topnotch surgeon, he has also authored the book “A Woman’s Guide to the ‘Real-Reality’ of Cosmetic Surgery”, wherein Dr. Saunders has laid down the realistic expectations and preparations that women must have when undergoing any cosmetic surgery procedure.

At his state-of-the-art surgery center, Delaware Plastic Surgeon Dr. Saunders uses a device called “pain buster” which does away the necessity of intravenous medicine and long hospital recovery. Pain buster is considered a major advancement in surgery recovery, as it is really effective in trickling in local anesthetics for pain relief following the cosmetic surgery. Furthermore, the device brings about maximum safety and comfort for all patients.

During discussion process and before actual surgery, Dr. Saunders will explain to you the step-by-step info on realistic tummy tuck recovery. In other words, what should you do during the first few hours after operation and months into the procedure.

For more of this treatment, schedule now a consultation with Dr. Saunders by contacting us through this Email Contact Form or via (302) 652-3331.

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General Overview in Undergoing Male Liposuction Surgery in Delaware

It is a reality that a lot of women go through liposuction surgery procedures to suction out and remove excess fat from the body. Women generally undergo lipo to achieve a firmer and tighter body contour, especially in the stomach area and love handles. The other reality is that many men seek to achieve the same, too. After all, having body contour issues and seeking to improve them are also experienced by men.

With extensive experience in male surgical procedures, Delaware Plastic Surgeon Dr. Christopher Saunders offers male liposuction surgery with exceptional skill and safety. Aside from typical problem areas in the tummy and flanks, he also performs male lipo that targets hips, buttocks, waist, thighs, knees, chin, cheeks, neck, or upper arms.

Since the primary goal is to remove extra body fat to attain an ideal body contour, liposuction is sometimes combined with other procedures to remove excess skin in problematic areas such as tummy, thighs, and arms. Moreover, some men undergoing gynecomastia (or the surgical procedure to reduce “man boobs”) may also necessitate liposuction as a component procedure.

Once a man considers having a liposuction surgery, he will do well if, foremost, he chooses a board-certified plastic surgeon with substantial experience in lipoplasty, like Dr. Saunders. He should make an ally in his surgeon to achieve his desired cosmetic goals, as well as to be provided with clear overview on the surgery risks and recovery steps.

Dr. Saunders is widely known for giving each his patients with realistic information from the possible outcome to potential risks. He will help patients arrive at a decision on whether to go for the surgery or not – he will not be the one to make such decision himself.

Moreover, Dr. Saunders utilizes the latest techniques in performing liposuction surgeries, including tumescence and liposculpturing. These techniques are known for giving the best results in removing body fat – using the smallest cannula and with the least risks.

For more of this treatment, schedule now a consultation with Dr. Saunders by contacting us through this Email Contact Form or via (302) 652-3331.

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Dr. Saunders: Trusted Ally to Male Facial Rejuvenation in Delaware

Compared to women, men apparently do not seem to have a very strong “cosmetic enhancement” culture. As far as men undergoing a cosmetic treatment or a plastic surgery, the number is significantly less than women having lip enhancement or liposuction procedure. Partly, this can be attributed to the long-entrenched culture that men should not treat their physical appearance as a priority.

As of recent years, however, there is an observed surge in the number of male patients seeking cosmetic help or intervention from a plastic surgeon. From the data of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, men had around 750,000 cosmetic procedures or almost 8% of the total procedures in 2011. Compared to the stats from a many previous years ago, this is a significant increase – and more interestingly, this includes male patronage to facial treatment procedures.

Delaware Plastic Surgeon Dr. Christopher Saunders is a trusted professional in male facial rejuvenation procedures. For many years, he has proven his precise skills and experience in providing successful outcomes to eyelid lift surgery (blepharoplasty), facelift (rhytidectomy), nose surgery (rhinoplasty), and facial fillers treatment (like Botox and Dysport).

The board-certified plastic surgeon is mindful that there are certain differences in male’s anatomy and goals compared to that of women’s. In order to achieve the desired and ideal facial rejuvenation result, the male factors, such as the thickness and quality of skin, should be considered thoroughly. Other points of difference to female anatomy include the male hair, the hair pattern, bones and muscles, and blood supply.

The Delaware Surgeon provides utmost importance to a customized treatment plan for each patient. Thus, Dr. Saunders ensures that he can discuss comprehensively with each patient regarding the pros and cons of the facial treatment options. Moreover, he ensures complete confidentiality of all surgical operations and patient consultations.

To know more about any of these male rejuvenation procedures, please schedule now a consultation with Dr. Saunders thru this Email Contact Form or via (302) 652-3331.

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